Real Canadian Superstore

190 Richmond Road (Real Canadian Superstore)

About This Project: This project was developed for Buttcon East and valued at $2,300,000.00. Upon completion in November 2017, our team was proud to have provided a dynamic range of services to help various superstore locations get up and running. Our commitment included site servicing, parking lot sub base and granular, paving, concrete curbs sidewalks as well as the beautification of the lot through our expert designed landscaping service.
CFB Petawawa Mattawa Plains Compound
About This Project: Our team was contracted by Tomlinson / PCL for this incredible
$3,800,000.00 project which was completed in December 2017. At the Canadian Base Operators Petawawa Mattawa Plains Compound, our team at Akman Construction was responsible for a large scope of work, which included the development of a site servicing plan and report identifying all of the necessary site services for sewer, water and storm drain. By providing the site planning and coordination before the work commences, our team ensured that both time and money were used efficiently for this and every client we support.

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Real Canadian Superstore

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November 7, 2017

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